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Title: 3 Links to get started! An overview
Post by: HHustensaft on May 05, 2017, 01:03:36 AM

I know this is totally redundant to anyone who knows this website. However I want to adress people being linked to this mod here with this. I collected the most important links from seperated sub-forums and threads and answers here.

Most important links:

1. Ask for an Account here, if you want to play online ( (the moderator's will unlock you asap)

2. Mod Download + Modstarting tool ( (nothing else needed) (including server adress!)
IF you are playing another online mod such as Median or Path of Diablo, you have to execute this registry file ( simply. (no worries, those mods offer to overwrite it again easily)

3. Wiki and Builds and Patchlogs ( 
Also see:  Comprehensive Database ( (rehosted by Seltsamuel)

4. An alternative also active (Modding) Forum Phrozen Keep - Eastern Sun ( (they don't allow realm talk though >.<)
Title: Re: 3 Links to cover ALL for total newbs.
Post by: bluechimera on May 05, 2017, 03:07:07 AM
Your link to the Eastern Sun Database is incorrect, it should be (, and not (
But that is because the forum editor appends all that other mess when you use the hyperlink option :)