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Title: Documentation
Post by: zoechi on April 20, 2018, 08:27:42 AM
Hey everyone,
i would like to play this mod again in SP, but unfortunately the link to the unique item database is broken. has someone an offline version maybe?
Title: Re: Documentation
Post by: Muilpeer on April 21, 2018, 12:28:37 PM
Hi, I've also just started again this week and I believe I read somewhere that the documentation was lost so they built up the docs again from scratch. But actually the documentation is HORRIBLE to say the least. The mod is so nice to play but with a documentation like this, it's unplayable really.

The documentation on the site is outdated, items have different names sometimes, or new icons. The runewords don't have levels displayed in the docs (which makes it pretty much useless) and the runewords are just scattered in a long list and not ordered by item type.

I really like how the mod plays and feels, but without proper documentation it's no wonder why the forums are basically quiet. The mod could use a lot more love and attention as it really is a gem and it's a bit saddening that it appears to just be an abandoned project. For me as a newbie it's really hard to get into the crafting system of the game. I read about references to crafting in guides but they are outdated and it doesn't work like that anymore in the latest version that is on ModDB. Also if this game is about collecting endgame gears, it's completely counter-intuitive to not have anything like plugy. Collecting crafting ingredients becomes a pain because of the limited stash size. There is a workaround for creating mules and muling in a LAN game but it's not the same as working with plugy.

Maybe one day there will be a nice update, but I wouldn't count on it. Now with the popularity of Median XL maybe more people will start looking for other D2 mods that are fun to play. I think Snej is the 2nd best mod I've played besides Median XL.
Title: Re: Documentation
Post by: Fingerpicker on April 21, 2018, 10:14:53 PM
Sad but true, muilpeer, i think the time of many d2 mods is over.
Title: Re: Documentation
Post by: kiki22vu on April 27, 2018, 09:31:07 AM
Sad but true, muilpeer, i think the time of many d2 mods is over.
Well those ancient mods didnt get any updates form main MODders since ages besides some random ppl taking over and mod on its own. So no wonder those mods are pretty much dead.

Mods like Median, Path of Diablo or Annihilus for example have pretty large community, playerbase and new updates every few months. So time for those mods and some more i forgot to mention isnt over at all.