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June 26, 2019, 04:59:29 AM
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Author Topic: 5.3 STABLE and what has Changed ?  (Read 4025 times)

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5.3 STABLE and what has Changed ?
« on: August 18, 2007, 12:52:05 PM »

here i try to give you some Information of what has changed in 5.3

Because there were so many Bugs fixed i stopped Documenting them at some Point. It was simple said overkill.

-Hammer got a major Damage reduce.
-The Holy auras got a slight reduce

-The CE Radius got a little bit lowered.

-The Ds Radius and damage got reduced
-Dragon Talon number of Kicks got a Major reduce
-Dragon Tail got a reduce

All Chars got slightly better Stats at the beginning

-Because of the beginning of a Storyline the Starting Equippment was removed its now in the Hands of a new weak Unique Monster
-The Graveyard got exchanged and better balanced.
-Travincal is rolled back to original
-The Swampy Pit is back at work
-The Automap of Act 5 Town is fixed
-The Light of some Monsters got adjusted to make a more "romantic" feeling ^^
-The Life Overflow in the Life and Mana Display got fixed
-The Bosscounter got some Fixes
-Potions like the Physical ones got fixed
-Many many many invalid Table Strings got fixed
-Many small Graphic glitches on many Items got fixed
-Most of the Monster Syncs got fixed that did immense big Log files
-The Rune requirement lvl is fixed
-The Cube recipes got GREATLY reduced an updated List will be released in short.
-Necro revives are now better visible as such
-Added Fog to some Act1 Levels
-Again removed the Exp Cap of the Ancients
-Removed the small Mystic Cube that was buyable at Akara
-Greadly increased the Amount of Gold you can have in Stash and Inventory
-Rolled back the Mana and Life Bubbles to original because of Display Bugs in various Situations
-Fixed the Life/Mana Overflow Problem of the Mana/Life Bubbles

I will continue this Listing from Time to Time to add more
please be Patient


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